About Me

My name is Courtney, and I am somebody’s mother. Two somebodies actually. This is only remarkable because sometimes I barely feel capable of taking care of myself. But neither kid has run away yet, so I must be doing ok, right?
I have a smart, wonderful three-year-old daughter, who challenges me nearly every second of every day; and a sweet baby boy, who also seems to be a robot that doesn’t require sleep. In addition to working as a zookeeper, chef, cleaning-lady, therapist, chauffer, boo-boo-kisser, activities director, sanitation worker, first rate negotiator and world class juggler, I also am a freelance writer.
If you came here for answers, you must be lost. But perhaps I could interest you in a sarcastic comment, or just a shoulder to cry on? I am not a celebrity, therapist, doctor, trained caregiver, or even very cool.  But I am totally open, brutally honest, and someone who knows that when it comes to being a parent, your greatest weapon is your sense of humor.  Oh yeah, also I used to be a bartender so I can make a kick-ass drink.


Parenthood is a journey, and this is mine.




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    Love your new blog! My sister is due any day now, I have to share your site with her! Thanks for the laughs, honesty and great writing! xo

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