Sep 102012

Since becoming a parent 16 months ago, I have done many things that I thought I would NEVER do.  I have nonchalantly wiped my daughter’s poop from my forehead, licked a kleenex and then used it to wipe her face, picked up a cracker that she threw on the floor and then gave it back to her to eat (hey, it was the last one!), let her run around with a watermelon-stained shirt for hours because I was too tired to change it and knew it would only get dirty again, and let myself run around in a vomit-stained shirt for hours because I was too tired to change it and knew it would only get dirty again… just to name a few NEVERs.

Although I have learned to never say never, the truth is that before becoming a parent, I have never been so tired.  I have never been so ungroomed, disorganized, forgetful, weepy, or tired… did I mention tired?  I have never gone so long without seeing or at least talking to many of my friends.  I have never gone so long without seeing an adult-sized human.  I have never gone so long without getting my hair highlighted, shaving my legs, putting on make-up or even showering.  I have never gone so long while sleeping so little.  That is the truth.

But I have never, ever laughed so much, loved so hard, or felt so happy.  And somehow (in a way that I think you have to be a parent to understand) this love and laughter far outweighs a little vomit and sleep deprivation.

The truth about parenting is that it is a math equation that doesn’t add up, but somehow works anyway.

Laughter… a serious side-effect of parenting.

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    Welcome to parenthood. Now you understand love.


    For me, laughter is awesome, but touch is the best. When my girls touch my face, put their arms around my shoulders, or just grab my hand out of the blue, it’s just like a jolt of electricity that reminds me how awesome this is.


      So true!! I can’t be in the vicinity of my daughter without somehow touching her. I am sure it will drive her crazy someday… like when she is a teenager and on a date and her creepy mom is sitting in the movie seat next to her stroking her hair… but for now she loves it, so I take all I can get!


    As a new father myself, I can attest to this wholeheartedly.


    So well said! On paper it doesn’t make sense, but in my heart it completely does! 🙂

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