Jun 132012

I went to go see the Tallest Man on Earth yesterday. He’s not a circus side-show, but an incredible singer/songwriter.  Check him out!


He was saying how even after years of touring, yet still gets very nervous before a show… pacing around, drinking wine to calm his nerves (sounds familiar).  What struck me is that this incredibly talented, seasoned musician STILL gets so nervous before each and every show.  It got me thinking about the things that I do that make me nervous no matter how many times I do them… like sending an article or  script submission.  Or the nervously excited butterflies I get every time I click the Publish button on this blog.

I really think that if you are not doing something that scares you, or makes you excited, or gives you butterflies every now and then… then you aren’t really living.  So do it… whatever it is!  Unless it is murdering someone.  I can’t get behind that, no matter how many butterflies it gives you.

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    I just bought a house today, without seeing the inside. Even after all these years, my palms were sweaty, and I had butterflies doubting myself. I guess you just have to trust yourself sometimes.


    So true…those butterflies do mean that you are living! I just went skeet shooting with my hubby last week, and boy did I get me some butterflies before I shot that shotgun. And no…you can rest assured that we did not kill anyone just some clay pigeons, lol!


    Your blog is awesome! I look forward to your funny, intelligent, and thought provoking writings. No matter what I am doing, what mood I am in, when I read your posts, I smile and often laugh out loud, thank you! I wish I had gotten to know you more in high school. Cheers!

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