Jan 242012

There’s never enough hours in the day.  I know I thought this was true before I had a baby, but that’s when I thought trying to squeeze in a nap between going to the gym and getting a massage was stressful.  So if I invented a machine that gave me 30 hours in a day (it could happen) what would I do with those extra six magical hours?

1)  Take a shower. Every. Single. Day.

2)  Take the time to actually wash my hair in the shower.  Oh… and shave my legs.  And… actually wash the soap off before hopping out because multi-tasking mom’s daughter, who is in the bathroom with her, is attempting to eat a hairball out of the trash can.

3)  Take my daughter to all of the Mommy and Me Music, Swimming, Yoga and Wine Tasting classes that I always say I am going to take her to, but never have time.  Whoops… that wine tasting class is actually mine…

4)  Take a wine tasting class.

5)  Read a book.  One that isn’t technically a magazine.

6)  Take all of those fancy workout classes – Pole-a-Pallooza, Yogalates, Cardioballet, HipHop Bootcamp, jamocaalmondfudge…ummm…jamoca almond fudge…

7)  Eat ice cream.

8)  Make this blog all pretty and cool with beautiful photos that I have shot myself.

9)  Learn to shoot beautiful photos.

10)  Sit down and have a nice chat with a friend on the phone.  A chat that isn’t happening while I am multi-tasking by also driving, exercising, grocery shopping, eating or peeing.  A chat that isn’t actually a text.

11)  When my daughter falls asleep in my arms, spend 15 minutes just holding her and contentedly staring at her total perfection, rather than rushing to put her in the crib so I can work/clean/cook/shower/play Words With Friends (highly addicting.)

12)  Invent a new machine that gives me 50 hours in a day, because that’s how long I would actually need to accomplish all these things.

That’s would I would do.

What would you do with a few extra hours?

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    I would take the time to have a great conversation with somebody new every day. Or maybe even with someone not knew….just someone 🙂 And do something daring and novel each day…. I love this blog post. I suppose because we know we only have 24 hours – 5-7 of which consist of sleep (if we are lucky) – we have to force ourselves to do those things we wish to do…. maybe not every day….maybe at least once a week? Just a thought.


    I would finish my website that due to my bella filipa is so delayed. I would cook a nice dinner every day. I would find a chiropractor in NY to help me with my back, instead of ignoring this because I’m ‘so busy’.. I would actually call you instead of not doing this because of the same reasons you mentioned in no 10 … I would go out and look for old furniture and paint it (instead of buying it but never having the time to finish….) Wow there so many things I can think of: I would dance and swim and run and hike… I would drink and party for 10 extra hours… I would sleep in…… Great Blog Court, you just had me dreaming for a moment…..! Speak soon and hope all’s great there in LA! I haven’t left my house for 2 days because of the cold. xo


    I would use that time to actually sleep. Because everything else would finally be done!


    Oh you have taken me back – just having a shower was such an achievement with a baby – and I went years without reading an entire book. Now extra time would be spent writing but even at 12 and 15 they still manage to dominate my time – and the youngest never fails to end up in the bathroom asking questions when I’m showering- I guess she figures it’s the one time she has my undivided attention.


    Best thing about this post? Mommy and Me wine tasting. That and the jamocaalmondfudge workout class, I must find it.

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