Mar 162012

The Adventure:  Bachelorette Party

The Destination:  Sin City

The Mission (Impossible):  Find an outfit that makes me look like I don’t have a baby at home… or at least an outfit that doesn’t embarrass my friends who don’t have babies at home.

I am sure that a lot of moms can attest to the fact that when it comes to shopping for yourself… well, it doesn’t really happen. There’s the teeny tiny aisles that make maneuvering a stroller a nightmare; the unflattering lights that somehow spotlight every lump, bump and stretch mark (we can’t possibly look that bad right!?); and the annoying salesgirls who are way too skinny and way too encouraging when you try on that too-tight, lime green dress that makes you look like a melting popsicle. Not to mention the fact that keeping a child in the dressing room is akin to keeping Lindsay Lohan out of jail… not going to happen.  Also, for this particular occasion,  I don’t want to spend a fortune on “Vegas clothes” that I will most likely only dig out for the next bachelorette party… or possibly the next baby shower if it’s a “Pimp and Ho” theme.

My go to for these situations used to be the ever-popular Forever 21.  But despite the grandiose promises that its clever name implies… I am apparently not forever 21.  The fact that I couldn’t get a size “large” dress over my calf reinforced the fact that I am too old for this store, although I should have been tipped off by the heart-print polyester hoodies in the front window.

My solution:  Online shopping.  In this case: ASOS

If you have never heard of ASOS, you are missing out.  It is an online store, quite popular in the UK, with THOUSANDS of different looks.  They do have some expensive clothing, but there are a lot of options, especially from their own ASOS line, that rival “No Longer 21″‘s prices (well close to it, but we are older now so we can aim a little higher.)  You order the clothes, they ship them to you, you try them on in the comfort of your own mirror that has been strategically tilted to make you look tall and skinny (What?  You haven’t done this? Do it now.)  Then if you don’t like them or they don’t fit you, you can send them back for free.  Soooo easy!  Plus, they have a GREAT maternity line.  I actually started shopping here when I was pregnant and still under the illusion that I could somehow look stylish with a watermelon under my tunic (aka prior to last two months.)

Check them out!

And no, they are not paying me to say this. (Although, I would be more than happy to take bribes in the form of store credit.)  I just know how tough it is to find cute, quality clothes at a reasonable price online.  And I’ve been surprised to discover that not too many people know about this great option.  ENJOY! 

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