Mar 112012

Sometimes I think that baby food doesn’t actually seem that bad.  In fact, it kinda looks good!  Of course, that’s usually at the end of a long day when I am thinking about having to make dinner.

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    When your little one is older (or you could start now…how old is he/she?) you can buy Happy Tots veggie/fruit packs… LIFE SAVER! and little hands love them because they get to squeeze them. It also ensures my kiddo gets some veggies everyday. If you need more info, let me know.


    Actually I use those often (my daughter is almost 11 months). I love them. They were a lifesaver when my daughter wouldn’t let me feed her with a spoon, but she would let me squeeze those into her mouth. They are great for traveling too. Last night I was considering taking an Apple/Pear pouch and squeezing it into some vodka, shaking it up and having an organic Apple/Peartini. (for me, not baby!)

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