Feb 172012

As I spend 48 hours packing and obsessing over a 24 hour trip… I realize that when you are a mom, you can take a lot of trips but you rarely take a VACATION. 

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    Amen, sister. Amen!


    That is the truth. We went to Disney World last year, and it was like a second job for me, but the reward was well worth it. I Just keep telling myself that one day I will get to do all the things that I have on hold for now.


    SO true. We just got back from a great “vacation”, but I just called it a “change of scenery”, since all basic parent duties are the same but less convenient.


    SO TRUE! I spent so much time looking forward to a beach vacation last fall and was pissed every single minute of it as I NOT ONCE got to sleep in, get a tan, or have a single damn minute to myself. Motherhood. Ugh.

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