May 072014

It’s been a long time, friends. I have missed writing. But life has been hard lately… too hard to write about and really even too hard to talk about.  But also too hard to NOT write about and pretend like everything is fine and  instead write something light and funny about dirty diapers and sleepless nights (because those topics are suuuuper funny, right?). So, since I couldn’t talk about the hard things, and I couldn’t ignore the hard things and write about the light things, I chose to write nothing. Nothing at all.

Now things are much better, but I am really not. I’m exhausted and shattered,  and I am trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together. One thing that always makes me feel better is writing, so I decided to start writing this blog again. Only, I have been sitting here for two days trying to write, and it is too scary and too hard. And I am still shattered, so I cry a lot. Mostly over simple things like spelling mistakes and trying to remember the correct way to use “who’s” or “whose” for the title.

So I am still working on my first blog post back. Please disregard this post, because it totally doesn’t count. This is just a blip. Or possibly a ramble. And if I am being truthful, what it really is is just a time-waster because writing a blog about the hard stuff is scary. And rambling is easier.

So this is not my first blog post. The next one is. And shit is going to get real, my friends. It’s probably not going to be pretty. It’s probably not going to be funny (is it ever?). And there is a strong possibility that it will be full of grammatical errors. But, I promise you this: it will be real. And that’s what makes it all so scary.


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    XO and lots of <3


    HUGS and just let it out girlfriend. Real is the only way to be 🙂 <3


      Thank you for the reminder! It’s easier to hide but feels so much better to be open and honest. Hope you are well!


    You can always have Kristen proofread it. She ALWAYS points out my spelling errors. Whether I ask her to or not!


      Haha. That is usually me too! That’s why I know that I haven’t been myself lately! Miss you guys!


    Life dishes out “shit” /// and all we can do is try to let it roll over us until we can breathe again. None of us who have reached the the age of 5o+ haven’t suffered some horrid tragedies… and we somehow manage to hang on and live through it… I hold you on my heart and hope for the “gray” to clear.

    Love, Kathy (Alex’s mom)


      Thank you Kathy!! I think that is one of the toughest things about getting older… the longer you are spend on this earth, the more time there is for bad things to happen. But the more time you have for great things too!


    When you are real, it allows me to be real, and others to be real and that is what life’s about…being real…I dunno…I love reading your blog!


      Thank you so much Lisa! You are always such a great supporter. And a very “real” person, yourself. xo

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