May 132013

Happy Mothers Day to the best Mommy in the world… Me!  Just kidding.  But wouldn’t that be funny if I said that?  Ok, let’s start again.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom in the world.  Mine!  I know everybody says that, especially on a day like today, and I am sure that in many cases it is true.  I certainly hope that every mom is the best possible mom to their own children. My mom certainly has held up her end of that deal. She has always been the most loving, supportive and fun mother that I could ever ask for. I hope that I have done my part as her daughter to show her the gratitude and respect that she deserves every single day of the year, not just on Mother’s Day. God knows that after raising me she has earned it.

I love you Mom and am eternally grateful for the life you have given me and the person you have made me… every single day.

Love this lady!!

Love this lady!!

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    And the very best sister and friend!


    Ellen for sure is a wonderful mom – that is why you are such a great mom too!!!


    Court, Stop making me cry @ work! You are the best daughter I ever could have hoped for and you have given me my beautiful grandduaghter! I love you too, Court!

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