May 022013
Hell yeah, I ate all the cupcakes!!

Hell yeah, I ate all the cupcakes!  And they were delicious!

5 Things I Have Eaten Recently:

1)  Queso dip, 5 layer bean dip and approximately a half pound of corn chips. As an appetizer.

2)  A smoothie made from greek yogurt, bananas, mango, pineapple and 3 different kinds of weird sprouts that made the smoothie crunchy.  All in a misguided attempt to counter-balance the bagel with cream cheese that I ate 10 minutes prior.

3)  Almost an entire box of dry Fiber One Chocolate cereal.  I will spare you the details but, please don’t ever do this!!!

4)  A cupcake.  Ok… three!!

5)  An entire jar of bread and butter pickles… which I don’t even really like.


5 Things I Have Cried About Recently

1)  That phone (or something) commercial where we see the little boy in all stages of his life, ending with him giving his mom a tour of his dorm room.  “It all goes so fast!! Sniffle, sniffle”

2)  Every single time I feel that my husband just “doesn’t understand me.” (ie. at least twice a week)

3)  A video of my daughter taking some of her first steps in our front yard.  She is smiling proudly as she drunkenly moves towards me on her wobbly little legs.  Her chubby fingers are laced in mine as… Oh crap… here we go again!

4)  The day I really wanted Mexican Food but Pinches Tacos was closed.  Ok, I didn’t actually cry, but I did get pretty teary-eyed.

5)  Any movie, tv show, commercial, webisode, viral video, or infomercial featuring a baby, toddler, small child, animal dressed to look like a small child, person with small features, midget or gymnast.


What does all of this mean????

I’m pregnant!!!!!
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    WOW. Again! Congrats. That is so awesome.


    Congratulations!! How exciting! I remember reading your post where you were wondering whether to have another one or not. I remember it so well because I had felt such similar feelings! So glad you decided to add to your little family – I know I am so very glad I added to mine! 🙂


      I am still wondering. Haha. I know it will all have a happy ending but the unknown is always scary. At least it will provide a lot to blog about! Thanks for the well wishes!


    Congratulations!!!! So happy for all of you. Be well and soak up the chance to eat lots and lots of treats!


    Yay! So excited for you both. Can’t wait to meet the new addition! Big hugs for the whole family! Xo


    Congratulations, Court!!! We are so excited for you!!!!!!!

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